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The 1960s racing-inspired style gold wheels and black trim high-performance scooter.

Stand out from the crowd.

Combining a sporty personality with the style and elegance of the classic bikes from the Sixties, this model is an homage to the iconic “gentlemen riders” who were fuelled by dreams of freedom and independence. Their endeavors and spirit live on in the color, textures, and materials of the Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties. Every detail has been designed to add a touch of uniqueness, delivering not only a glorious riding experience but the chance for you, the rider, to stand out from the crowd.

The heart of the sixties, the soul of the VESPA

To revive the Vespa’s competitive side, Vespa Racing Sixties are inspired by the winning racing cars by all the elements characterizing the roaring 60s. An iconic decade, in which a vehicle was not truly ‘yours’ until you changed its color, bodywork, handlebars, saddle, and any detail whetted by your imagination. With race competitions in which the speed and battles went hand in hand with the class and elegance of the vehicles and riders, the 60s were a legendary period in the history of racing and motoring. It is those elegant sports values that inspire the new Vespa special series, comprising the new Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint “Racing Sixties”. The acclaimed 50cc and 150cc i-get single cylinder are joined by a 300cc HPE engine with over 23 hp. The gentlemen riders were known not only for their pursuit of performance, but also the class, elegance, and aesthetics of their vehicles. If like them, you love speed and enjoy being the center of attention, this is the Vespa for you.


Arriving with large, 12-inch alloy wheels, the small-body Vespa Sprint offers a stunning riding experience. The 4-stroke, 3-valve single-cylinder engine makes it perfectly balanced in terms of performance and consumption.

The 150cc version arrives with Bike Finder and remote saddle unlock functions. Another new touch is the “tie” that characterizes the front shield, meaning you’ll make heads turn wherever you go!

  • New Next Generation i-Get Engine: Boost in fuel economy, lower emissions, higher top speed, longer service intervals, and a more pleasing exhaust note.
  • New saddles material + seams
  • New hinged fork design. The first new and improved Vespa fork design since 1977.
  • New saddles material + seams
  • New Rear light design
  • New front tie
  • New chromed crest on mudguard
  • New Remote: Bike finder and seat opener
  • New rim design
  • New front suspension
  • Digital instrument panel
  • 12 inches front and rear wheels
  • ESS Disc and drum braking system ABS system on 150cc
  • LED DAY-lights on 150cc
  • ABS Breaking System