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The 80s Inspired Limited Edition Kaleidoscopic Colors Custom Details

Who's ready for the craziest VESPA they ever seen?

These are the words Sean used to announce the partnership on his Instagram page and the mix of disparate materials such as metal, plastic, velvet, and rubber together with the color explosion redolent of the 80s do nothing to contradict his description, yet the vintage flavor synonymous with Vespa remains intact.

Striking color combinations such as yellow with red or dark green and aquamarine, the seat in light brown ribbed velvet, the red plastic footrest all come together in a glorious celebration of color and style. There’s no lacking refinement, however, with elegant finishing on details such as the white front “tie” and unmistakable steel body.

And no work by a true street artist would be complete without his tag, here on the seat and front where it sits happily beside the classic Vespa logo in white.

Sean Wotherspoon For VESPA Limited Edition

The collaboration between Sean and Vespa has also seen the creation of a capsule streetwear collection of four t-shirts and a tracksuit in classic vintage style, designed with fashion lovers in mind.

The designer’s aim was to bring color to the roads and he achieves this with his version of the Vespa Primavera by teaming bold color contrasts with the distinctive style synonymous with the Vespa name.

The prints interpret technical designs in a hip, contemporary key, with the Vespa logo sitting alongside the designer’s signature.

Creative Energy

There’s no mistaking what propels Sean’s style: a love of color. The chromatic explosions he produces are the result of innovative research and are absolutely spot on with future trends, reinterpreting iconic vintage in a contemporary key, giving it a new bold, irreverent, and fun style.


  • Chromatic explosion in full ’80s style.
  • Light brown ribbed velvet corduroy seat with Sean Wotherspoon trim and logo embroidered on the left side.
  • White inserts such as the front “necktie”, the profiling of the Vespa silhouette and the wheel rims.
  • Chromium finish for headlight frame, front luggage rack and passenger grab handle.
  • New Next Generation i-Get Engine: Boost in fuel economy, lower emissions, higher top speed, longer service intervals, and a more pleasing exhaust note.
  • New hinged fork design. The first new and improved Vespa fork design since 1977.
  • New Rear light design
  • New chromed crest on mudguard
  • New 12” rims
  • New Remote: Bike finder and seat opener
  • New Gear Box
  • ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
  • Updated Barometric Sensor: Takes into account elevation to provide optimal fueling.
  • Quieter Starter Motor
  • Crank Shaft is 24% heavier in order to greatly reduce vibrations on the road.
  • Exquisite Style: The Primavera is a highly modern Vespa, designed with the elegance of an exclusive style but without renouncing the comfort aspect.
  • Revolutionary Tech: All-new, more rigid body. The steel sheet bodywork that also acts as a support is the element that makes the Vespa stand out from every other scooter in the world.