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The 1960s racing-inspired style gold wheels and black trim high-performance scooter.

Grit, Performance, and Technology

With all its design and technological content, the Vespa GTS Super 300 reinterprets a new sporty classic from the mighty Vespa collection. While plenty of functional details, like the USB port in the double compartment under the leg shield back plate, it certainly hasn’t forgotten its racing spirit. The new two-tone alloy rims nod to the past and highlight the sporty attitude of the 145th model in Vespa’s history. The red spring of the front suspension and the new front grill add to the sporty feel. While the lights are now modern LEDs, in stark contrast, we still have completely analog instrumentation, which harks back to racing traditions, offering a beautiful display of white numbers on a black background.

The heart of the sixties, the soul of the VESPA

To revive the Vespa’s competitive side, Vespa Racing Sixties are inspired by the winning racing cars by all the elements characterizing the roaring 60s. An iconic decade, in which a vehicle was not truly ‘yours’ until you changed its color, bodywork, handlebars, saddle, and any detail whetted by your imagination. With race competitions in which the speed and battles went hand in hand with the class and elegance of the vehicles and riders, the 60s were a legendary period in the history of racing and motoring. It is those elegant sports values that inspire the new Vespa special series, comprising the new Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint “Racing Sixties”. The acclaimed 50cc and 150cc i-get single cylinder are joined by a 300cc HPE engine with over 23 hp. The gentlemen riders were known not only for their pursuit of performance, but also the class, elegance, and aesthetics of their vehicles. If like them, you love speed and enjoy being the center of attention, this is the Vespa for you.

Style, Performance and Comfort Features

The total steel bodywork with its perfect balance between traditional and contemporary delivers personality and character in abundance. With a redesigned front, reshaped handlebar, new ergonomic seat, and full-LED lighting, the GTS Super has the air of true road royalty.

The perfect ergonomics and natural seat position have always contributed to making every Vespa comfortable, pleasant to ride, and accessible to all. The new Vespa GTS further highlights that strong touring tradition that big Vespas have always embodied, offering a new seat able to guarantee greater comfort for both rider and passenger. A result achieved thanks to optimized ergonomics and the use of new materials for the padding and upholstery.

The large under-seat compartment makes the most of available space, able to accommodate two Vespa Visor 3.0 demi-jet helmets and more besides. Adding to the load capacity of Vespa GTS is a glove box, inside which there is also a USB port, useful for the recharging of external devices.

The most powerful engine in the entire Vespa range combines technology improvements with a unique design. Many enhancements in safety, comfort, and attention to detail give GTS a better quality perception and reaffirm it as the iconic “Granturismo” Vespa. All this makes the Vespa GTS ideal for both big city traffic and long-range touring, to be enjoyed in total comfort, whether alone or in company’s exuberance is somewhat softened by the refined lines of the vehicle, offering a sophisticated color palette and formidable technical solutions:

  • New Next Generation i-Get Engine: Boost in fuel economy, lower emissions, higher top speed, longer service intervals, and a more pleasing exhaust note.
  • New saddles material + seams
  • New hinged fork design. The first new and improved Vespa fork design since 1977.
  • New High Performance Engine (HPE)
  • New ergonomic seat with greater comfort for passenger and rider
  • New reshaped handlebar
  • New Remote: Bike finder and seat opener
  • New LED headlight, running lights, and brake lights
  • New eye-catching redesigned shield and horn cover
  • New stylish trim, body details, rims, and color finishing’s
  • Dedicated logo Vespa Super on rear-shield box.
  • Two-tone alloy rims
  • Dashboard graphics
  • Improved safety level by the new ABS & ASR system.
  • Dashboard graphics
  • New front suspension (Enhance Sliding Suspension, ESS) and improved under seat storage compartment.
  • New analog and digital instrument panel and USB port.
  • Vespa Multimedia Platform available as an option.

Safety Features

The Vespa GTS chassis, in line with all Vespas from 1946 until now, is strictly steel for unrivaled robustness as well as truly unique levels of safety and dynamism. The result is a particularly brilliant ride both in city traffic as well as on country roads: a blend of thrilling handling and reassuring stability, also thanks to the generously sized tires on 12-inch wheels. The double-disc braking system ensures prompt deceleration, even in sports use, with a modularity reserve able to put even a beginner’s mind at rest.

Piaggio was the first worldwide company to introduce advanced active safety systems such as ABS & ASR on a scooter, now available on the GTS range. ABS. Each wheel is equipped with a detection system (a sensor and a phonic wheel) that instantly measure speed and deceleration. The sensors communicate with a hydraulic control unit with two channels that activates the ABS system if one of the wheels decelerates quickly relative to the vehicle, avoiding locking and ensuring stability and efficient braking.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). It uses the ABS electronics and sensors to compare the wheel speed rotation of the two wheels. When the sensors detect the rear wheel speed exceeds that of the front, the control unit intervenes cutting the engine toque by spark advance reduction and, if necessary, also on the injection system to prevent slippage and prevent loss of vehicle control. These solutions put Vespa on the top level regarding safety and technology.